Spanish Verb 'Tener' (To have)

You may have noticed a strange verb that we have been using for some time now. The verb is 'Tener' and it is a verb that is used a lot when speaking, writing, and even conjugating verbs in Spanish. Now that we have seen it in action, let's take a look at its forms.

Tener (To Have)

Subject: Verb Conjugation: Pronunciation:  
Yo tengo tayn-go
Tu tienes tea-ehn-ays
El/Ella/Ud tiene tea-ehn-ay
Nosotros tenemos teh-name -ohs
Vosotros teneis teh-nice
Ellos/Ellas /Uds Tienen tea-ehn-ehn


Complete the setence with the correct verb form of 'tener'.

  1. ________ (yo) muchos ninos. (I have a lot of children.)
  2. ________ (nosotros) gemelos. (We have twins.)
  3. Ellos ________ una hija muy bella. (They have a very beautiful daughter.)
  4. Ella _________ solamente un perro. (She has only a dog.)
  5. Vosotros _________ un hermana y un hermano. (You [all] have a sister and a brother.)