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Hello and welcome to Learner Spanish - Below are my side by side comparisons of 3 of the top learn Spanish websites and courses. My Number One Pick is Rocket Spanish as their learning style combines a range of multimedia to make learning Spanish fun. Rocket Spanish is the only learn Spanish course we found that focuses on diversity as the most efficient system for how to learn Spanish. Coming in at number two is Learn Spanish Like Crazy, as although it doesn't include everything that Rocket Spanish does, the audio lessons are an extremely valuable learning tool.

We wish you all the best for your journey to learning spanish, Buena Suerte!

Learn Spanish with Rocket Spanish

Learn Spanish Site Number One - RocketSpanish.com

The information and lessons in Rocket Spanish are clearly and professionally laid out, cleverly integrating advanced learning techniques with Mauricio Evlampieff's fun, light hearted approach to learning Spanish. This is by far the most effective, user-friendly learn Spanish package available.

Rocket Spanish provides a complete system to take any learner from beginner to full fluency. Learning with Rocket Spanish is made to be fun with a mix of audio/visual learning, written work, interactive exercises, games, and access to the Spanish forum where you can chat with other Spanish learners.

This is by far the most effective, user-friendly learn Spanish package available.

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Learn Spanish Like Crazy

Learn Spanish Site Number Two - Learn Spanish Like Crazy

With over 1000 minutes of audio, 'Learn Spanish Like Crazy' is a great option if you intend on learning Spanish in the car, if you don't have the time for written lessons, or if you simply prefer to learn through listening to examples and audio lessons. With this course you will learn Latin American Spanish, the every day language you will hear on the streets of most popular Spanish speaking countries.

I personally recommend completing Rocket Spanish, with Learn Spanish Like Crazy to extend your Spanish vocabulary, to perfect Spanish pronunciation & become fluent.

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Learn Spanish Language - Shortcuts to Spanish

Learn Spanish Site Number Three - Shortcuts to Spanish

'Shortcuts to Spanish' is a good tool if you need to learn Spanish in a hurry. You'll learn basic Spanish rules such as how to translate english words that you regularly use into Spanish words by simply changing 1-3 letters. This course certainly doesn't offer a complete learn Spanish system, but it does help you to learn basic conversational Spanish in a matter of weeks.

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When searching online for the best Spanish language course it is important to keep in mind the best way you learn: If you are sick of traditional learn Spanish programs that simply don't work then you need to re-think your learning style.  Most people will find it easier to retain information that they have learned in numerous ways, e.g listening, watching, interacting.... rather than just reading and repeating out of a book. That's why we created Learner Spanish, tested the top learn Spanish methods, and put together the above reviews of each product.