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Welcome to Learner Spanish

Welcome along to my FREE How to Speak Spanish lessons!

Do you want to travel, experience the different cultures and lifestyles the world has to offer? Perhaps you would like to live in a completely foreign country for a year or two? Did you know Spanish is among the 5 most spoken languages in the world!

Hello, and welcome to my free how to speak Spanish website. People learn different languages for a range of reasons. Whether you learn for business, have Spanish origins and want to learn more, dream of one day traveling, or are just curious the Spanish language & culture is a passionate, exciting culture to learn about.

Did you know the current world record holder speaks over 65 world languages?

While this may seem mind boggling, and even impossible, it's true. In fact,he's American and he lives in Germany. He claims to learn a language every 12 to 16 weeks. And NO, he doesn't have any secrets when it comes to learning languages.

His obsession with different languages started early in his childhood when he begun to learn Spanish and even Chinese from his friends. At Christmas time he asked only for dictionaries. Nowadays, he learns almost the same way. He reads dictionaries, memorizes Spanish transcripts and language exercises, and most importantly, involves himself in the culture and conversations in the language.

While the old saying 'practice makes perfect' still applies, it takes more than a little dedication to learn a new tongue...... It takes obsession.

Learning the basics of Spanish isn't hard - The deciding factor between fluency and forgetting everything you've learned is revisiting; practicing everyday, and not being afraid to make the necessary mistakes - That's the difficult part, but that's how to succeed.

For a child to properly learn a language it takes 5 to 6 years. It takes adolescents a little less time. If you are past the adolescent years, never think 'It's Too Late", you're actually in the prime age-group to efficiently learn a new language.... or multiple languages.

The average adult has the potential to learn a new language and become fluent in just 3 to 6 months.

In this site I am going to give you an excellent introduction to the Spanish language. You will build a solid foundation to build your linguistic skills in the future. In the near future you may find yourself mastering the Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and even writing skills.

What you cannot master from my website is how to listen and talk. Language is for speaking. These factors are where you, a persistent and dedicated learner, must commit your time and energy. This site is be dedicated to teaching you, step by step how to get there.

If you want my recommendation for the world's best interactive audio course on learning Spanish, please visit our reviews of top Spanish Lessons. You will find the best learn Spanish courses available online, and what exactly you should be looking for in a Spanish language course.

Through the pages of this site, we'll give you many helpful hints and loads of advice on how to hone your listening and speaking skills, along with ideas and ways that you will can practice the Spanish you've learned.

The key when learning any language is diversity - diversity in how you teach yourself, always monitoring yourself and taking it one step further each and every day. If you do this, your understanding of the Spanish language will quickly grow.

Why Do I Get These Great Spanish Lessons For Free?

After learning the Spanish language my self, I managed to convince my brother to also learn and travel with me. After searching high & low on the internet for quality advice & Spanish lessons, we found that the information available was very limited. So we set out to research the steps of learning Spanish efficiently, and after months of work, compiled everything we knew into this one site. What you will learn is how to learn different aspects of the Spanish language, step by step from learning your first word to perfecting your Spanish pronunciation.


Learn Spanish Course Number One -

By Mauricio Evlampieff

The Rocket Spanish course is by far the most user-friendly learn Spanish course available online. The path you follow to learn Spanish uses a wide range of effective learning methods including written material (Rocket Spanish Lesson Books), Interactive Games (Mega Cards, Mega Spanish), written/oral exercises (throughout), audio examples (Interactive Audio Course, Bonus Audio Lessons) and more.

Rocket Spanish is the ultimate learn Spanish course, the extremely user-friendly step by step lessons mean anyone can use this course to go from absolute beginner to full fluency. The focus of Rocket Spanish is having fun while you learn. This is clear every step of the way, from upbeat, exciting lessons and exercises, to the learn Spanish forum where you get to speak with Mauricio (Rocket Spanish creator) and other Spanish learners.

Rocket Spanish is by far the most effective, value for money learn Spanish guide available.

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Visit the Rocket Spanish Website


Learn Spanish Course Number Two - Learn Spanish Like Crazy

If you're not a 'written lesson' type of person, or you're looking for a product to practice with and extend your Spanish vocabulary, then Learn Spanish Like Crazy is worth considering. Although it is promoted as a complete Learn Spanish course, it certainly lacks the in depth written lessons, exercises and bonus tools of the above two courses. Learn Spanish Like Crazy consists of 48 Latin American Spanish lesson CD's, these learn Spanish CD's teach you how to speak everyday Latin American Spanish, taking a less structured approach than the above.

Although this isn't a complete learn Spanish package, the CD's are a good tool to improve fluency and build a strong Spanish/Latin American vocabulary. I recommend this package as a supplement to the Rocket Spanish course.

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Visit the Learn Spanish Like Crazy Website


Learn Spanish Course Number Three - Shortcuts To Spanish

This product is useful to print out and take with you, or to learn Spanish on the plane when traveling to a Spanish speaking country. First of all you will learn how to basically convert words from English to Spanish, not the grammar, or correct language rules, plain and simple language conversion. Once you have a hold of converting words, you can start to create sentence patterns, and hone your pronunciation with 'Shortcuts Audio Lessons.'

This is quite a messy way to learn Spanish, but as the site explain, it's a valuable system if you need to be communicate in Spanish in under 31 days or less.

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Visit the Shortcuts To Spanish Website